A Shit Love Poem.

You’re an idle drawing on my page;
You’re a mark on my favourite book
You’re that time when I nearly broke my leg;
You’re a furtive, sidelong look.

You’re the zip on my favourite skinny jeans;
You’re the flowers in my window
You’re the buttons on my Casio watch;
You’re the random facts I don’t know.

You’re a number on my calendar;
You’re the pad beneath my mouse
You’re the red ink on the back of my hand;
You’re the front door of my house.

You’re the polish on my fingernails;
You’re the air coming from my fan
You’re the sun shining behind the neighbours’ house;
You’re the proof that anyone who wants to, can.

You’re the look on my mother’s face
You’re the three sugars in my brew;
You’re the itch beneath my t-shirt
But, most of all, you’re you.


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