things i don’t understand.

I never did quite understand why
people put holes through their lobes
and ink on their skin
and dye in their hair

I never did quite comprehend how much
of the world is covered in water
and how the sea can be deeper
than a mountain is high

I never did quite believe how many
people thought it was fine
to bury a woman in sand to her neck
and throw rocks at her expression

I never did quite grasp how
people attach themselves to a ‘scene’
and become slaves to Jack Wills
and highlighted hair

I never understood fake spectacles.

I never did quite fathom why
a woman from the west can buy shoes
costing more than a house
on the Goan coast

and why I can wear skirts
and tattoo my skin
and add/remove/rinse/repeat

I never did quite get the concept of
advanced mathematics
when all it truly consists of
is four symbols

I never wanted to learn
how they make hotdogs
but you found it hilarious to tell me
and you ruined my childhood

I never did quite accept
that sometimes a man can love a woman
so much and with so little understanding
that he has to abuse her

I never did quite master
the art of wearing lipstick

and I will never truly appreciate
just how much you mean to me
so take these half-arsed lines

and be satisfied


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