If you knew Nadia Wearn, you were lucky.

She was a pixie-sized powerhouse of a woman, all smiles and kind words and dancing – a dance teacher, she often danced into school on the wettest of miserable mornings with the sole intention of making everyone she encountered smile.

It was Nadia who single-handedly led Bridgemary Community Sports College to unbridled success at Rock Challenge after entrusting a ‘fear’ themed routine to some of the hardest, most challenging kids in the school – a strategy that saw her lifted into notoriety as every student’s grade shot up. They all wanted to work with her.

She was an unforgettable woman and despite the many ups-and-downs we had during the three years I knew her, I will always remember the day she cast me in the lead role of ‘Little Red Riding Hoodie’ at the Teacher’s Panto – one of my favourite teaching memories.

So, Nadia – here is my tribute to you. I left it as it came out – I thought you’d appreciate the spontaneity of it all.

With love,

-B. x


The first day I met
you were straddling a chair
as if it were a bull
and you showed me how to
point my feet.

I revelled in
the effortless way
you spoke to anybody
regardless of gender
and opinion
and somehow managed
to attract the wandering eyes
of every man
in the room.

A goddess in miniature,
you taught me to smile
at nothing in particular
but the formation of the clouds
or the fact that we had
cake on Fridays.

You led small armies
to numerous victories
never once stopping
and never
even though your blisters
went as deep
as bone
even though your home
was left empty and alone
you could not
would not
did not
allow yourself to falter.

Your smile.
I remember that the most.
As wide as an ocean
it would draw everyone in
That angelic face
devoid of all sin
almost exploding with joy
and happiness
and the thoughts that anything
at all could be possible
Just because you said so.

So we’ll raise a glass
And I refuse to cry.
I know that’s what you’d have done
if I were to die.


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