The last time I was bored –
Really, truly bored –
I packed my bags
Threw them into the belly of my
early 90’s Renault
ignited the engine
and drove.

I drove as far as it was
to go

Past countless fields
and a seven-town city
The M6 troll
(he took my lunch money)
Past Shakespeare’s town
and Spaghetti Junction
(now I’m hungry)
I caught a boat race
and saw a crash.

I settled
on the very tip of England
The furthest I could go
without swimming
or drowning.

I got a job.
I fluked a career.
I fell in love.
I lost my mind.

I knew the feeling
of being on top
I suffered the humiliation
of falling down hard

And I learned what it means
to be alive.

I am bored again.
And this time
I can’t help wondering
what could I possibly do
to top that?


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