early mid-life crisis.

I’m halfway to 54;
A miniature milestone.

I remember
singing Vincent under the stars
and eating my first strawberry.
I can recall
the first time I heard
Romeo and Juliet
the day I wrote out
all the words to
American Pie
by hand
because the internet didn’t exist

I can think back
to my Walkman
and the days when
I played outside until eight

I recollect
The first day I saw you
and the first thing I said to you –
back then
I thought I was insufferably cool.

I painfully remember
falling off my bike
having stones plucked from my knees
and the day
I fainted at school.
The two broken arms
waking from anaesthetic
and the time
I was dropped on my head.

I see a time deep in the past
when two planes hit two towers
and wars began
and the nation lived in fear

I remember
when I didn’t care for you.

I wish I could return
and see everything again for the first time
But instead
I’ll hold your hand
and pretend that it is so
for with you
the whole world


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