death match.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Welcome to the greatest event
in my calendar.

In the red corner:
He glows with passion!
He knows your weakest spots!
He’s excellent in bed
and he knows his adjectives!
(Never mind that he
likes to screw the bird
from the record shop
when you’re at work.)
He likes Green Day!
He loves Dickens!
He even knows how to
make you orgasm
with just a touch..!
(Just don’t tell him
that you like him
so much.)

In the Blue corner:
He’s a bit of a slob!
He wears ripped jeans!
He works in IT
and he doesn’t like poetry!
(He knows your favourite
flowers, though.)
He likes dubstep!
He loves Warcraft!
He’ll go to the ends of the
earth and back
(Just give him a chance
and his resolve
will crack.)

For the

This 200lb heavyweight
piece of flesh
takes on
this 100lb flyweight
emotionally backward
streak of piss.

But this is my fight
and my dream
and in dreams
anything is possible
so with a flick of the wrist
and a sharp middle finger
flyweight knocks heavyweight
into next week.


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