I never have any money, you know
The readies never seem to flow
My wallet’s empty but for flies
If I have pennies, I’m surprised
I try to save and to be good
I try to buy the things I should
And not the things I want, but I
Find it’s too hard to say goodbye
To that darling top, those awesome shoes
That retro hat, those vintage trews
Without dipping, guiltily, into my purse
For uncle credit, I know they’re cursing
Me down at the Visa Credit HQ
For payments now long overdue
For unpaid bills and overdraft fees
For the numerous times I’ve approached them with “please
Mr Manager, can I have some more?”
It’s their own stupid fault for not showing me the door
If they give me the money, it’s there to spend
I’m a woman – I have to keep up with the trends
I work hard all day, so I’ll party all night
If I want – I feel it’s my God-given right
And every girl needs to feel good in a dress
Bought that day – from the sale rack, no less
I know it should stop; I know it is wrong
I know that at some point I must say so long
To my credit card, overdraft – cut all my ties
Go cold turkey and live without buys
But until then I’ll live in a mountain of debt
And will I have fun? What do you think? You bet.


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