the greatest poem i never wrote.

The greatest poem I never wrote
came to me one night as
I stared absently
at your crumpled side of
the bed
My side, smooth
long absent of any presence
of body
or mind
for four months, now.

In it
I hold your hand
and trace the pattern of
each finger,
raising each in turn
to my lips
and brushing them
with a grateful kiss –
and you allow this.

I tell you
that I am sorry
and you are thankful
to hear it
and you listen to my
reasons with an
air of acceptance
despite what I did.

I tell you that
I will always love you
and I don’t know why
I chose
to lose sight
of your face
or of the life we had
in favour of frivolity
and travel
except that I
am selfish
and cruel
and allowed my head
to be turned from
Under the guise
of ‘freedom’.

A fallacy.
What I want
is sitting in front of me
And always has been.

All it was,
was a distraction, I say.
I couldn’t see
how perfect we were
until it was too late.

I wasn’t happy, I say.
You turn away
and nod, discreetly
because you know
and agree
that we had lost our way.

And you take my hand
in return
and you raise my fingers to
your cheek
and with a half-smile
you stare into me
through me
and tell me
that we will never be over
we will always survive
and you will love me
until the end of time
regardless of cliche
regardless of rhyme
or reason
Because you and me
We’re poetry
and we were always
meant to be

You kiss me.

I smile.

My side becomes
once again
crumpled with passion
and drive.
I wake absent-mindedly
with you by my side.

But this is not
a movie
It’s just hopeful notes
and that is why
this is the greatest poem
I never wrote.




What is life about

If not love and connection?

Without those – no life.

I gracefully accept my Perfect Poet award for my poem ‘Diet’, and nominate Cinnamon BluesΒ for an award in the future. Lovely poetry and one of the first to spot my assumed ‘talent’. Β Thank you!


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