Monthly Archives: August 2011

day ten: cincinnati



at the last minute
bruce slugs a wicked home run
to win the whole game

day nine: pittsburgh – cincinnati



another gas stop
pretzels, soda and toilet
our life on the road

day eight: pittsburgh


above the city
we watch the people below
mill about like ants

day seven: washington dc



as London town burns
a host of pink flamingos –
ignorance is bliss

day six: washington dc



hidden amongst trees
staring out; representing
our democracy

day five: philadelphia



a childhood hero
representing long held dreams
cast in solid bronze

day four: philadelphia


like feathered pirates
the hens flock by the water
to lay out their wares

day three: philadelphia



liberty for all
is a long held ambition
go forth and be free

day two: nyc


Get out sidewalk side
Or the angry cab driver
will call you stupid

day one: nyc



tall, red brick buildings
dazzle; swagger like peacocks
assault the senses