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when you’re friends with fire, don’t abuse her.
second place is the first loser.


xkcd = love.



come on, let’s be young; let’s be crass enough to care.



here today.



Paul Mahoney

Scott Turner

Suzy Higham

Hannah Marchant

Sarah Temme

Nadia Wearn

Mia Knight

Cheryl Broadhurst

Andrea Cole


None of you will leave my thoughts, ever.

Take the time to tell those close to you how you feel, even if it gets you into trouble or loses you your dignity and pride. Tomorrow might be too late, and tears, however cathartic, will never replace those missed opportunities, lost words and failed tries.

If you see me, hug me. I will need it very much, even if I say I don’t.


I have no
for this poem.

Except that at some
I am sure that I will
that nothing that ever
catches my eye

nothing that turns
my head

nothing that makes me feel

is ever

I listen to old songs
watch old movies
submerge myself in my

it’s easy, you see.

I like to be alone.

But when the day is over
and the work is done
and I’m full of stories
and anecdotes of fun
had in class
down the pub
on the train ride home
it’s a heel
to have not even
one person
to tell.

A boy told me
that I was pretty.
A colleague made me smile
with an amusing story
about surgery.
I’m on a mission
to stop swearing
and smoking
(I’m down to three a day

I wrote a pantomime
I drank pepsi
I ate a sandwich
I marked books.

Inane? Maybe.
Not special? Definitely.

But still
To share the daily grind
Makes my life
less of a bind.

So instead,
I’ll tell you in my head
and hope that by
some miracle

one day you’ll hear