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songs from past relationships: #5





my guardian.
hair of a lion
face of a pirate
with a hug
that could induce
i didn’t know
were inside me.

remember when
we made cartoons?
you rubbed out my stress
along with my mistakes
and gave me rum.

the smell of your jacket
will resonate in my head
along with the feel of your
hands on mine
that smile you do
when i moan about men
because unlike
the others
you listen.

the eternal optimist
you put your troubles
on hold
no matter how large –
how intimidating –
how life changing –
to help me.

when i thought
you were gone
i’d have flown
to the ends of the earth
just to hold your hand
one more time.

i nearly booked a ticket
even when you said
you were better.

now you are leaving
and though i know
it will make you happy
though i know
it is what you want
and need

i want you to know
that to me
you are everything
and that
my friend
is hard
to let


as my mother once said in an eloquent letter,
“don’t worry, my darling – things can only get better.”

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this is what it means
to be alive

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