Monthly Archives: February 2012

a shit poem about a cough.

i cannot remember the sound of my voice
because right now, it just resembles white noise
or a spluttering engine, the cutting of wood,
i’ve tried linctus and pills but it’s no fucking good,
i’m awaking at midnight to hack up my lungs –
phlegm is expelled at a flat rate of tonnes:
i know that’s disgusting, but i feel that it’s right
that you join in the process whilst I’m feeling shite
i’m on four hours’ sleep (and that’s since Sunday)
when i manage to drift off, i’m dreaming that one day
soon i’ll wake up and be able to speak
my sore throat will be gone; my fever peaked,
i won’t stink of sickness; my hands won’t be clammy,
my mouth will taste normal; my hair won’t be greasy,
my skin will recover; i’ll be able to walk
my throat won’t feel like i’ve swallowed dry chalk –
but the end of that tunnel feels miles away
i’m hot, then i’m cold, the dry tickling of hay
at the back of my pharynx is driving me mad
it’s the worst fucking cough that i’ve ever had
a repeat of a shit film last night made me cry
my red, puffy eyes make me look like i’m high
i’m chucking back syrup and blowing my nose
the river of snot won’t respond to the dose
it just keeps pouring out at a steady rate,
my face looks more like a monster’s of late
or a small child, an old man, a tired old hag
i reckon it’s high time i gave up the fags
and the booze, i just keep getting so sick
i’ve got to kick this virus – and quick
i’m missing my work; i’m missing my friends
i’ll kill for the day i’m finally on the mend
i’m pretty sure the sofa has a groove for my ass
i’ve increased tenfold my bodily mass
i need to get up; i need to get out
this tickling cough has got way too much clout.


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